Communication with an OMERO server

HRM can import and export images from/to a local or remote OMERO server.


This feature is not active by default. Ask the HRM administrator for more information about the HRM/OMERO connector.

If the connection between HRM and OMERO is enabled the OMERO logo Omero22x22 will be is displayed in the Raw images RawImages22x22 and Results Results22x22 folders.

Click on Omero22x22 . The following window will ask you to enter your OMERO login credentials.


Upon logging in successfully a file tree will be displayed listing all the images in the OMERO repository that you are allowed to visualize, like this:



The OMERO credentials and file tree will be used throughout the HRM session, after that they will be deleted.

The OMERO tree is requested automatically only the first time in every HRM session. This saves waiting time in subsequent import/export operations with OMERO. To force a tree rebuild click Refresh22x22 .

The following actions are possible:

  • Import data from OMERO: In the Raw images RawImages22x22 folder select an image from the OMERO tree and click UpArrow22x22 . The image will be imported in HRM with extension .ome.tiff.
  • Export data to OMERO: In the Results Results22x22 folder select the HRM image to be exported. Select the target OMERO dataset. Click DownArrow22x22 . The image will be attached to the OMERO project with an annotation stating all the parameters used for deconvolution.