Select images (1/5)

In step 1 - SelectImages22x22 Select Images - the user can add images for deconvolution. A batch of images can be selected if they all have the same image format, as illustrated in the following figure:


Select the desired file format from the drop down widget and use DownArrow22x22 UpArrow22x22 to add images to the batch selection.


Keep in mind that the images of a batch must share the same microscopic parameters in order to obtain good deconvolution results because they will be restored with the same settings. This is generally true if the images are recorded with the same setup.

When an image is selected a preview is displayed on the right panel whenever possible. The user can click on GeneratePreviewLink to display a thumbnail of the image..


Image thumbnails display the image dimensions and sampling sizes in an overlay. This will be useful to know in the subsequent steps.