Configure authentication

The HRM curently supports three user authentication mechanisms; if your institution relies on Microsoft’s Active Directory or a generic LDAP server, the HRM can be configured to use them to test user credentials and obtain limited user information (e-mail address angd group). Otherwise, the HRM implements a simple, internal user management module.

You can enable any combination of authentication mechanisms. The first one is the default for new users. Valid examples are:

// Only integrated authentication
$authenticateAgainst = array("integrated");

// Authenticate against Active Directory by default;
// some users may be checked against integrated authentication
$authenticateAgainst = array("active_dir", "integrated");

// Integrated authentication by default;
// some users may be authenticated against ldap
$authenticateAgainst = array("integrated", "ldap");

// This is also possible, however unlikely in reality:
$authenticateAgainst = array("active_dir", "ldap", "integrated");

The following pages explain the required configuration steps for the support authentication mechanisms.