OMERO connectorΒΆ

Please make sure to have the OMERO prerequisites set up correctly. To enable the OMERO connector, then set the $omero_transfers variable to true in $HRM_CONFIG/ and in $HRM_CONFIG/

// HRM + Omero

// Switch on/off (true/false) data transfers between HRM and Omero.
$omero_transfers = true;


In addition, the following values need to be set accordingly in /etc/hrm.conf. By default, those settings are commented out, so make sure to remove the comment sign # in front of those lines!

Assuming your OMERO server is running on a host called omero.mynetwork.xy and using the versions shown in the example in the OMERO prerequisites, this would look as below. Please make sure to adjust OMERO_PKG and OMERO_HOSTNAME so it is matching your current setup.

# Interaction with OMERO (if switched on in hrm/config).

Optionally, you can configure the OMERO connector to look for additional Python packages in a non-standard location (i.e. not within the regular PYTHONPATH). To do so, uncomment the following variable and adjust it accordingly: