Set up HRM user and group and set permissionsΒΆ

In the following instructions, HRM_DATA points to the data folder that contains all user subfolders (for example: /data/hrm_data) and HRM_LOG is the log folder for the HRM (for example: /var/log/hrm). Please see also the conventions. It is important that those folder have the correct ownership and permissions set for HRM to work properly. Please follow these steps.

Create a Unix group hrm and user hrm on the web server machine.

$ sudo groupadd --system hrm
$ sudo useradd hrm --system --gid hrm

Create the log directory:

sudo mkdir ${HRM_LOG}

Make sure hrm owns (and has full read-write access) to HRM_DATA and HRM_LOG. This is done by setting the group ownership of HRM_DATA and HRM_LOG to hrm:

sudo chown -R hrm:hrm ${HRM_DATA}
sudo chmod -R u+s,g+ws ${HRM_DATA}
sudo chown -R hrm:hrm ${HRM_LOG}
sudo chmod -R u+s,g+ws ${HRM_LOG}

Add the Apache user (ubuntu www-data, fedora apache) to the hrm group:

# www-data in Ubuntu, apache in Fedora
sudo usermod www-data --append --groups hrm


You might have to restart your server for the group changes to be activated.