Review processing server configurationΒΆ

In the table server of the HRM database, two default values are set for the fields name (i.e. the name of the server running Huygens Core) and huscript_path (i.e. the path pointing to the hucore executable).

name has default value localhost, but can also be something like huscript_path has default value /usr/local/bin/hucore.

If you need to change the default values, you can use your favorite SQL client and execute a query similar to this (for MySQL):

UPDATE server SET name = '', huscript_path = '/usr/bin/hucore';


The HRM requires the hucore binary to work, not huscript. Before hucore was introduced HRM was indeed using huscript; the huscript_path entry in the database was kept not to break existing HRM installations.


The server table contains two other entries: status and job. These are used by the interface at runtime, please do not set them manually!