Tips & Tricks#

  • File uploads: When using the browser uploader it is possible to upload compressed files containing more images. HRM will uncompress the file and set the contents in your raw folder.

  • File uploads: Add more files to your selection by clicking AddOtherFileLink. Use drag&drop from your desktop into the browser.

  • Image previews: Select an image and click on Generate preview to visualize the image contents plus the dimensions and sampling sizes. The colours used in the preview depict the wavelengths provided by the image metadata.

  • Voxel sizes: Whenever possible HRM highlights in yellow the ideal voxel sizes according to the Nyquist criterion.

  • SNR estimation: Notice that it’s possible to zoom in the thumbnails displayed by the SNR estimator by moving the mouse pointer over the thumbnails. This can be useful to confirm the correctness of the SNR

  • SNR estimation: The SNR can highly influence the deconvolution result. On the one hand, if the deconvolution result looks too smooth and details are missing, a higher SNR value can be used. On the other hand, if the result looks too grainy a lower SNR value may be better.

  • Colocalization: Filter out unsignificant colocalization coefficients by using the Highlight button of the colocalization section in the detailed view.

  • Select images (1/5): Tick the “When applicable, load file series automatically” checkbox if several independent files should be loaded into a single image.