The Image Parameters (2/5)

In step 2 - ImageParameters22x22 Image Parameters - the microscope settings can be specified and saved. The image parameters are grouped in templates. A parameter template can be reused in future deconvolution jobs. This will be useful when there are more images recorded under the same conditions. Moreover, the parameter templates can be shared among HRM users, fostering collaboration and re-usage of good image settings.

Notice that the following selections are possible at this stage:

  • Admin image templates: parameter templates created by the HRM administrator to be used as references. They can be copied and edited by the HRM users. In order to use them, they first need to be copied to Your image templates by using DownArrow22x22.
  • Your image templates: the image templates the user can actually use directly. All templates in this area may be selected, edited, removed, etc.
  • New/clone image template: entry field for the name of a new parameter template. First type a name for the new template and click on CreateTemplate22x22. A new template will be created. HRM will present you with empty template parameters so that meaningful values can be assigned to them.


Notice that CreateTemplate22x22 EditTemplate22x22 CloneTemplate22x22 ShareTemplate22x22 FavouriteTemplate22x22 DeleteTemplate22x22 show tooltips stating their action w.r.t templates. Namely, create, edit, clone, share, mark as favourite and delete.

An image parameter template consists of a number of relevant microscopic parameters. These provide Huygens Core with information about the images that will be deconvolved. To get a preview of the template contents select the template, the contents will be displayed on the right panel.


When editing a template help links HelpLink22x22 are displayed at key locations to point you to specific articles of the SVI-wiki.

The following parameters can be edited in a template.