Processing server (HuCore)#

In the table server of the HRM database, two default values are set for the fields name (i.e. the name of the server running Huygens Core) and huscript_path (i.e. the path pointing to the hucore executable).

name has default value localhost, but can also be something like huscript_path has default value /usr/local/bin/hucore.

If you need to change the default values, you can use your favorite SQL client and execute a query similar to this (for MySQL):

UPDATE server SET name = '', huscript_path = '/usr/bin/hucore';


The HRM requires the hucore binary to work, not huscript. Before hucore was introduced HRM was indeed using huscript; the huscript_path entry in the database was kept not to break existing HRM installations.


The server table contains two other entries: status and job. These are used by the interface at runtime, please do not set them manually!