Get the HRM#

Current version of the HRM is 3.8.x.

From archive#

Download or checkout the HRM from linux Sourceforge and unzip it into the $WWW_ROOT.

Bellow is an command example:

sudo unzip -d /var/www/html

Using Git#

The advantage of using git is that later upgrades are easy to perform, and all the modifications are documented this way. You need to install git on the machine.

sudo apt install git

github To get the latest stable release directly from our git repository, change to the $WWW_ROOT directory and run the following in a shell:

git clone -b master --single-branch
cd hrm

To use an older release, versions can be listed with:

git tag -l

The tags are the version numbers, that can be used to work with a specific release by checking it out:

git checkout <tag>

Once the release of choice is checked out, you might want to create a local branch before starting to configure the HRM.

git checkout -b deployed

Per default the $HRM_HOME/config is in the .gitignore file, so if you want to put your configurations under version control you have to modify the .gitignore and commit your changes to the “deployed” branch.

HRM development#

github If you want to follow the HRM development, you can checkout the read-only HRM repository and and configure your working copy for development:

$ git clone
$ cd hrm
$ git checkout devel
$ ./setup/

Find more detailed instructions in the installation pages.


Please keep in mind that the latest development snapshot is unstable software and should not be deployed on production machines!