Automated installation (beta)#


This feature is still considered experimental but greatly simplifies the installation of an HRM website compared to the Manual installation (recommended) instructions. After a final cycle of testing, this method will become the new recommended way to install HRM.

Get the installation script#

github To get the latest release directly from our git repository, run the following in a shell:

$ git clone

Basic operation#

The most basic way to run the script to install HRM is to simply launch as a priviledge user. In a shell, type the following:

$ sudo ./

There are a few prerequisites to take care of before the script is run. In case these are not met, the script will display helpful error messages and abort. You will need:

  • A supported OS. For this release, this means Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 11, Rocky Linux 8.5 or AlmaLinux 8.4 only.

  • The script must be run as a priviledged user, either as root or using sudo.

  • You will need an active Internet connection to clone the HRM repository.

  • Hucore must be installed and a license available.

Further documentation#

For now, the documentation is available on and better instructions will be added here later.

Getting help#

If you are interested in this installation method and have any issues you want to discuss, please enquire on the forum over at